As a parent myself, I have noticed “boredom” can get the best of kids even when we are catching plenty of fish on the 4 hour trips. Therefore, we offer an “hourly trip” for children. These trips cover a variety of different interests. We can do a combination of hauling Maine Lobster Traps, scenic cruising, looking for seals, dolphins, and of course FISHING!!!! These mini trips will be custom tailored to each individual group. Since you as parents know your children best, you will be the one who dictates how we choose to spend our time while on the water! Regarding the fishing portion of children’s trips, we fish for whatever is the most likely to offer the quickest success. This is usually Mackerel or Pollock.

These shorter trips are offered on an hourly basis (1.5hr minimum), but you can book in 15 minute increments after the first hour. There is no age limit requirements. However, there must be at least one adult over the age of 18 to be responsible for the children. We typically take a maximum of 4 people on any of our different fishing trips, however on children’s trips we will allow a maximum of 5 people if 3 children are 12 or under.

These trips are almost always available, with very short notice. Hourly Trips usually start around 10:00AM or 2:00PM, therefore getting up at 5:00AM is not required. :)