Happy Spring….

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4/29/14 – As we head into May, it is suppose to be warmer. Even here in Maine. So far this Spring has continued to be cold and windy. But that is ok, Mother Nature must be saving the warm weather for when the fish are here this summer.

For 2014, we are planning to be available to begin operations around Memorial Day Weekend, depending on the fishing conditions. I always try and stress to customers who call about fishing in May, that the fish are just “starting” to arrive and by no means is it prime-time. The Stripers tend to be on the small side at that time of year, and usually found in the river vs. the open ocean.

As always, feel free to send us a quick  email  or text asking about current conditions. We are always happy to provide an honest response – rather then a response just to “book the trip”.


Capt. Todd