THREE person maximum on half and full day fishing trips. Four people on children’s trips. Scenic cruises up to 6 people.The rates posted is the TOTAL cost for all people. This rate is NOT per person.

Near Coastal
1/2 Day (4 hours) $390.00*

Full Day (8 hours) $775.00*

Please note: Maximum of 2 people during July and August

1/2 Day (4 hours)not available

Full Day (8 hours)$795.00*

Mini Charters

Children “Mini-Charters” / or  Coastal Maine Scenic Cruises $120 PER HOUR*

We take 3 passengers on our Near Coastal fishing trips. The children’s trips we will allow 4 (Five if 3 kids under 12) and scenic cruises we will take a maximum of 6.

All charters require advanced reservations and a deposit.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be received by Trina Lyn Fishing Charters 14 days or more in advance, to qualify for a refund of the deposit. Any cancellation less then 14 days in advance of scheduled trip will be charged full payment.

The Captain may cancel or postpone a trip due to unsafe weather or sea conditions. Rain, drizzle, or fog is not considered an unsafe condition. If the Captain cancels a charter your deposit will be refunded if a mutual postponement is not feasible.

Rate Change*
All rates posted on this Web Site, any other Web Site linked to this site or on printed Brochures are subject to change quickly. The most common reason for rate change is the price of fuel.

Cash Discount*
*The rates posted on this page reflect a cash discount of 5%. Those who choose to pay in full by credit card will not receive the discounted rate posted above.

What You’ll Need
You will need to bring strong sunblock, sunglasses, jacket, rainwear, lunch and refreshments. Waterproof shoes or sandals are recommended. If you’ve never been on the ocean or are susceptible to seasickness you should take the proper medication prior to arrival for full effectiveness. You may drink beer aboard the boat. However, hard liquor and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.