Striped Bass are STILL here.

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We ran several trips this past week. The earlier part of the week the fishing was fair, but the trips we ran Thursday – Saturday hit double-digits in the number of Striped Bass landed. The size of the Striped Bass has been mainly 29″-38″, although we did bring in a few of the slot-size keepers.

We currently have charters booked through October 5th. We will continue to accept charters as long as the fish remain in the area before they make their Fall migration to the Southwest.

As a reminder, all fish caught on the Trina Lyn have been caught in the open ocean. Not all charter boats in the Saco-Old Orchard Beach area are the same. We will NOT take our customers fishing next to the dock where you can see your car, or in the harbor, or up a river. We understand that our clients who come from Western Mass., upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Vermont, Canada, and many other areas throughout the world are interested in seeing the beautiful coast of Maine, and enjoy their fishing charter on the Ocean.